How to unlock keyboard on HP Laptop

Ways to Troubleshoot the Locked Keyboard of HP Laptop

Often someone might wonder why his/her laptop keys are not working. You might be typing, but words might not be appearing on the screen. It may appear that your laptop stopped responding to your commands. The most probable reason is that the keyboard got locked without you even realising it. 

The most common way a keyboard locking happens is when you hold the Shift key for eight seconds or more. This key is also called the keyboard lock key and not many users are aware of it. Holding it for 8 or more minutes results in changes in keyboard settings, which can either lock certain keys or sometimes the entire keyboard. The partial lockdown happens when you press certain keys like Number Lock. You don’t need to worry if this happens as here is how to unlock keyboard on HP laptop.

Another reason for lockdown is an outdated driver, which happens when the operating system gets updated. Though it’s a remote possibility that it happens, it does get the keyboard locked. It’s the driver that recognizes and communicates with the keyboard and if it is outdated or compromised the whole communication cycle fails.

Let us learn the different ways of how to unlock keyboard on HP laptop

Reinstall Keyboard Driver

To do this, go to Start icon > Control Panel>Device Manager and press Enter. In the Device Manager window, locate to the Keyboards category and expand it. Find the keyboard of the HP laptop and right-click on it and choose Uninstall Device. When it prompts to confirm the uninstall process, click OK to continue. Once the uninstallation completes, click to restart your computer. On restarting the laptop, the keyboard driver will be reinstalled automatically.

Check the Keyboard Settings

Proceed by going to Start> Settings> Time & language. Choose the language as English (United States). You might also need to change the accessibility settings if the entire keyboard is locked. Go to Control Panel; you need to select Ease of Access Centre in case you are using Windows Vista or higher. Once you are in keyboard settings, make sure that Sticky keys, Toggle keys and Filter keys are unchecked. Click on Apply to save the settings followed by OK to exit the settings window. Check if the settings change has unlocked the keyboard.

Check the Driver

If you have tried these methods and still there’s no success, you need to install an external keyboard to your laptop. If this is working fine, then you probably need to update the driver and for that, you need to search and download the latest version of it from HP support. For that, go to Start and right-click on Computer. Select Manage> Device Manager> Update Driver Software. Once there, you need to simply follow the prompts to search for new drivers and once you find them download the latest driver. This should resolve the problem.

The laptop keyboard getting locked is a common problem and an annoying one too because you just lose control over your machine. Most of the times, knowing one of the methods described above on how to unlock keyboard on HP laptop gets it resolved. 

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