Things fall apart. That’s life. It’s mottainai.



Often times most of the things break at some point, breaking doesn’t confine only to physical breaking it can also mean a mental breakdown (when the corona virus struck the world, everyone’s hope fell down just like the economy), as elders used to say “It is difficult to build something but easy to break everything”. In most of the cases people go into a depression when they have a physical breakdown (Face scarred during a car accident) or mental breakdown (when the person they loved could not do the same), we never try to find a way to come out of this, but, this doesn’t apply to the majority of the people in this world, one such exception can be seen by the Japanese who have handled all sorts of breakdowns, one such example can be seen as, when the Hiroshima and Nagasaki cities were destroyed by the US nuclear weapons, the whole of Japan was at a huge loss, japan lost more than 200,000 people which lead to the mental breakdown of every citizen in Japan. Yet within a few years Japan came back with a baffling infrastructure and economy that no other country to beat them at. Most of times many people tend to stay broken and never actually, find out that there is hope even after we are broke, which can be learnt by seeing Japan.

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